Rooted in classic country music, Becca blends her contemporary melodies with soulful storytelling and big, live band production. Her influences include John Mayer, Elton John, Celine Dion and Gavin Degraw. Her clean and emotive powerhouse vocals have been compared to Sara Evans and Sara Barielles. Becca’s distinctive voice paired with her compelling lyrics tap into moments and memories that connect with listeners across genres.

Becca has a range of music including Adult Contemporary, Modern Country, Classic Country, Gospel/Soul, and Singer-Songwriter. Her newest release was remixed by French producer & DJ, Louis Element, who created an 80’s synth pop version of “I Don’t Need You Anymore”

Songs are available in .WAV or .mp3 files. Instrumentals or stems are available upon request. Preview some of Becca’s songs and connect with her through DISCO.


With her signature live production and soulful storytelling, “I Don’t Need You Anymore” is moving on without you and doing just fine. Her polished, powerhouse vocals cut like an unsuspecting knife over a driving rhythm section and climactic Hammond B3 organ solo.

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“The Wonderful” is rootsy, swanky, southwestern and sultry. It features the dobro, a Wurlitzer organ and a horn section with retro BGVs behind Becca’s soulful vocals and searing electric guitar. The rhythm section brings a salsa flavour to the chorus.

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“Bring Me Love” is an uptempo, original Christmas song with big band production and a horn section in the style of “What Christmas Means to Me” by Stevie Wonder. 

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“I Don’t Do Love Songs” is a nod to the classic country music Becca was raised on. Co-written by her dad, Country Music Hall-Of-Famer Kenny Hess, this throwback track features twin fiddles, steel guitar and a swingin’ country band.

200% owned, metadata ready, one stop. As featured alongside Jon Pardi in Hallmark’s “A Summer Romance”


Becca’s newest release was remixed by French producer & DJ, Louis Element, who created an 80’s synth pop version of “I Don’t Need You Anymore”. This bright dance mix samples nostalgic 80s synthesizers through dynamic changes that build to the last dreamy note. 

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Becca has a large catalogue of professionally produced songs with new music coming out each year. Becca is open to creating custom work or additional versions of her songs to suit your project. Connect with Becca below to gain access to her songbook!